The Assignment: Seek. Hire. Win.

People make companies work. And the right people make companies win. Nymble is a smart recruiting company that finds the right people for the job — big or small. Nymble knows that people matter, which is why quick and effective recruiting solutions are the name of the game.

To increase its reach in the marketplace, Nymble needed a partner to bring its brand vision to life through strategic design and development.

Branding Print Interactive

The Solution: Dependable and Cutting Edge.

The Fowler Group dug into brand research to better understand the market and to position Nymble correctly. Based on industry research, The Fowler Group developed a comprehensive brand strategy to align the company’s goals, vision, and voice to support all elements of strategic design. The Fowler Group developed a name, tagline, and versatile design, giving each Nymble client a personalized user experience.

  • Brand research and strategic development
  • Company naming and tagline development
  • Strategic design
  • Identity design
  • Website design and development
  • Color theory implementation

The Results: Connecting Professionals.

With solid brand positioning and an unmistakable color palette, Nymble was able to distinguish itself from the competition and become a leader in the recruiting industry.


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