Galileo Church

The Assignment: We Are Not the Center of the Universe.

Galileo Church seeks spiritual refugees — regular people who want to achieve spiritual health and follow Jesus into a life of world-changing service.

Galileo church needed to shake things up. They wanted to bring a younger audience into the church — people who weren’t into religion or felt like the “church smells like old people.” Galileo needed high-end brand development to engage an audience who might not be interested in their service. Because Galileo approaches the world of religion a little differently: They don’t do a regular service. Instead, they meet in people’s houses or restaurants to study the Bible, have some beers, and discuss some of life’s biggest questions. We liked their innovative approach and ability to think outside of the box.

Galileo Church
Branding Print Interactive

The Solution: That’s What She Said.

The Fowler Group developed unique, high-end visual communications that piqued the curiosity of a younger audience through a “Bible and Beers” philosophy. The Fowler Group also built and customized a low cost website through Squarespace, which helped promote events, worship, and insight into the church’s culture and personality.

  • Branding and identity development
  • Custom illustration
  • Website design and styling
  • Visual communication design




Galileo Church

The Results: Worship Looks Like This.

Galileo has grown tremendously since its fresh branding initiative. Its original two groups have expanded into 13, consisting of more than 150 people. It’s added more staff, more events, and more overall support to enhance its ministry.

Galileo Church

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