Photography Matters

Many businesses look at creative development as an expense. But the reality is, creative development done strategically is an investment and can create ROI. While the evolution of smartphones has developed innovative camera technology, however, it still comes down to the user. Technology doesn’t make your business smarter or more creative. Experience plays a crucial factor. For photography, lighting, composition, and location are key. Photography can humanize your brand and add proof to your brand claims. Is your company compassionate, does it care about people, are you fun and innovative? Photography can tell those stories.

Here are three reasons to invest in professional photography.

1. Photography is a versatile investment

The expense of professional photography can make it tempting for business owners to do-it-themselves or find cheap alternatives. Poor quality photography communicates the same about your business. Photographers and creative agencies are masters at getting the most bang for your book. Full day shoots can often capture enough photography to be used for years when your initial investment is spread out over time the reward often outweighs the risk.

2. Customers want authenticity

While stock photos can help fill in gaps for blog posts and be valuable as a supporting asset they are not the best way to share your business. Stock photos are easy to spot because they look fake and it’s not your business or your people. When clients are validating your business through social media and your website, they want to get to know you. Show your people, show your products and share your passion.

3. Photography supports marketing strategies

Tagging your photos with relevant content and keywords can help your business get found through SEO strategies. Professionally photography can engage customers, create emotion, keep them on your site longer and even encourage purchases.

The Fowler Group has been producing professional photography to support creative strategies for over 20 years. Our brand strategies can help define your companies look and ensure your photographs are engaging. Email or call 817.478.5890 today and tell us about your business challenges.