Rules for developing budget conscious digital video

Most people think video production is costly and in some cases it is. The good news, as demand for video technology increases, costs come down. These technological resources can help brands produce content at lightning speeds. For resourceful teams, videos that follow these simple rules can be budget friendly and engaging.

Rule 1: Reusing content saves time and money

Many companies who are producing video shoot hours of content that will never make the final cut. To create content quickly, repurpose existing video for various digital platforms. Add new twists to original content, music, and creative techniques. Many social media outlets like Vine, Snapchat, and Instagram have proven the 15 second and less video model is more than enough time to produce compelling content without losing the interest of the user. 

Check out this content we reused from an existing Cyan Design photo and video shoot.

A video posted by Cyan Design (@cyandesignhome) on

A video posted by Cyan Design (@cyandesignhome) on

Rule 2: Be resourceful

Developing video content on location can slow down the time it takes from creator to user. In some cases, that may be needed depending on the product and industry. If you are resourceful, creating successful online videos can be fun, fast and entertaining. Many companies are producing amazing content in-house. Stop motion and overhead videos have become a favorite technique for content creators giving them more time to edit and be creative. Benefits of developing in-house keeps production cost down while creative can routinely be done in a day or less.

Check out some of our favorite in-house produced content:

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A video posted by OREO (@oreo) on

Rule 3: Tell a story

In our digital culture, we often use the phrases "did you hear about" or "did you see" to share content with friends and colleagues. In actuality, we are sharing stories we find interesting. For 1000's of years, stories have weaved their way through civilization telling tales of Zeus and the Gods, the secrets of World War 2 or participating in great adventures through the cosmos. Even your business has a place for great storytelling. Stories draw an emotional connection to your audience because we are human and can relate to other people. When storytelling is done correctly, a sense of authenticity is created. These relationships need to be developed before concepts and strategies to be most effective. Connect with your audience first then get down to the nuts and bolts of selling your product.

View some of our favorite story driven online videos:

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