The Assignment: A Bed That Moves You.

Innova Sleep Systems is innovating and reinventing the way the world sleeps on adjustable beds. Our direct-to-source manufacturing solutions and low-cost development allows Innova to offer a better product at a lower price.

Innova Sleep Systems create an amazing product. But it’s relatively unknown to younger audiences. The company needed to introduce their beds to a fresh demographic and change preexisting negative connotations around adjustable beds.

Branding Print Interactive

The Solution: Set Your Ideas In Motion.

Through diligent brand research and strategic positioning, The Fowler Group developed visually-driven messaging to rebrand the Innova product line. A youthful and fun approach helped engage a younger audience to “try” the product in various mattress stores across the U.S. The Fowler Group rebranded all sales collateral and provided a wide range of POS assets to be used in showrooms and retail outlets.

  • Brand research and rebranding
  • Targeted impact photography
  • Strategic design for business-to-business and business-to-consumer messaging
  • Engaging copywriting supporting throughout all media




The Results: Dream Big.

Since the brand relaunch of Innova Sleep Systems, the company has picked up various contracts with retail outlets and distributors to promote and sell the Innova brand, including a cross over to use new design assets at the company’s headquarters in Shanghai.

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