Buying a WordPress theme for your company’s website: quick fix or quicksand?

Buying a WordPress theme for your company’s website: quick fix or quicksand?

Here at The Fowler Group, we’re a design agency who helps businesses – large and small – redesign their websites. To save time and moolah for our clients, we’re all about utilizing pre-built tools. One of our favorites is WordPress: an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) that’s flexible, simple to manage and really effective for the all-important search engine optimization (SEO) necessary for a website’s success.

A 100% pre-fab website is 0% fabulous for your business (and your brand).

Sure, you can easily buy a fully-cooked WordPress theme, install it and have your website up and running in just minutes. No question, without spending much you can have a pretty sharp-looking website.

Unfortunately, good looks alone don’t get the job done. Does your off-the-rack website do justice to your business and your brand? What unspoken message are you sending by settling for a “Your Name Here” website? A site that any of your competitors could just as easily purchase and install – and look just like yours.

We aren’t designing photocopies of web pages, we’re designing web pages. ~ Andy Clarke

When buying off the rack, have it altered so it fits only you.

Don’t get me wrong, you can start with a purchased WordPress theme, but c’mon (wo)man…customize it! Hire someone creative to snazz it up. Make it unique. Your customers want to learn about you and your brand, and that’s impossible if your website is identical to umpteen others also out there on the interwebs.

If you’re serious about your business, your business’ website deserves its very own look and its own authentic voice. Its design should be something that is distinctly yours – and sets you apart from the other guys.

How to get the most bang out of your website design buck.

So investing in a graphic artist and web developer to cook up a from-scratch site for your business isn’t in the cards right now? That’s okay. But when going the WordPress route, cough up the extra dollars necessary to thoughtfully modify your theme so it represents your company and your brand. When deciding how to redesign your WordPress website, choose you…not cheapness.

Thinking about re-designing your company’s existing website? Launching a new WordPress site and have questions or need help? Let’s talk.

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